Body contouring is a term we see all over the place these days, but what does it actually mean?

Body contouring is term used to describe creating desirable shapes on the body. You can do this by having a fat reduction treatment like CoolTech Fat Freezing or Alma Accent Prime to reduce stubborn fat on your hips or love handles to create a smoother more feminine contour.

Let’s use “Thighs” as an example. I had client who was an avid gym goer, had a healthy diet but just couldn’t shift an extra fatty layer on her thighs. She was determined to expose the contours of her muscles, see a gap between her inner thighs from the top all the way down to her knees, she wanted a discernible dip and contour between her bum and the top of her hamstring and overall to just have thinner leaner thighs.

During her consultation, I could feel soft fat on various areas including inner thighs, backs of thighs, front top of thighs and inside the knees. We decided to begin a program treating all various areas and created new contours all over her thighs. She knew the contouring she wanted and we gradually carried CoolTech fat freezing as well as Alma Accent Prime ultrasound over a few months and managed to completely contour new shapes to her thighs leaving her with thinner sculpted lean thighs. Hence…..Body Contouring.