Marlow Face & Body has officially launched Sinesculpt: a clinically proven natural weight loss supplement.

After 2 clinical studies, *the average weight loss is 5.6kg and 22% of your body fat in 90 days.

Sinesculpt contains a combination of citrus extracts to create a synergy of bioactive polyphenols which cause Lipolysis – breakdown of Adipocytes (fat cells) and other lipids by hydrolysis to release Free Fatty Acids & Glycerol.

Essentially draining the fatty acids from the fat cells and thereby reducing the overall size and measurements. It also contains a natural caffeine from Guarana which helps speed up the metabolism and expel the FFA’s (Free Fatty Acids).

Sinesculpt was founded by the team at Marlow Face & Body and Dr. Mariette Grant with a Masters in Obesity Management. As a private medi-spa, they were looking to incorporate a supplement which would help enhance the results of their body contouring & fat reduction treatments. Sinesculpt has proven to be an effective addition to their body contouring programs as well as an independent weight loss solution.

*Data listed is based on clinical studies but results may vary from person to person.