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CoolTech Define

CoolTech Define Cosmetic Treatments We Offer

The CoolTech Define Fat Freezing device is designed in such a way as to allow for four applications to be used simultaneously. Your treatment team has access to nine different ergonomic handpieces which can adapt to all areas. It also offers 360 degrees of total cooling and nine different treatment templates that offer an unbeatable patient assessment. These allow our experienced medical professionals to provide top-notch cosmetic treatments. Here are the fat-freezing treatments we offer:

  • CoolTech Define Fat Freezing – By utilizing the CoolTech Define Fat Freezing technology, we can eliminate stubborn fat areas by up to 60%. Our team has treated more than 2,5000 clients over the last seven years and was given the honor to be the first to launch the CoolTech Define in the UK.
  • Complete Thigh Contouring – Regardless of how much an individual exercises or how healthy their diet is, sometimes stubborn fat is still around their thighs or hips. Marlow Face & Body has developed a unique program that utilizes various cosmetic treatments to help contour thighs and hips without needing surgery. CoolTech Define Fat Freezing technology is part of that plan.

Marlow Face & Body is proud to offer our Buckinghamshire clients cosmetic treatments using CoolTech Define Fat Freezing. The CoolTech Define is a cryoadipolysis device that uses unique fat-freezing technology and 360-degree cooling plaques to produce unrivaled results. CoolTech Define Fat Freezing offers our patients effective, safe, and highly cost-effective treatment options. It uses non-invasive techniques designed to permanently remove a large amount of fat cells from treated areas. The Marlow Face & Body team is excited to offer our clients this unique, non-invasive option. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want to learn more about this fat removal treatment or schedule your free consultation. Our representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Cosmetic Conditions Linked with CoolTech Define

Each of our clients is encouraged to ask questions about the products and technologies available, such as the CoolTech Define Fat Freezing. Our goal is to create a relaxed and professional environment where you can feel confident in your treatment team. Various cosmetic conditions are related to CoolTech Define Fat Freezing device. We’ve compiled a list of the most common conditions we see that are linked to the CoolTech Define:

  • Back Fat – Back fat can result from weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal change. Back fat is traditionally stubborn and doesn’t go away with exercise and diet. We understand that it can become frustrating and can have an impact on your confidence. Marlow Face & Body stands ready to help.
  • Banana Roll Fat – Banana roll refers to the horizontal layer of fat that accumulates just below your buttocks at the top of your thighs. It can result from weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal changes. The banana roll fat is stubborn and usually doesn’t go away with diet and exercise.
  • Bra Line Fat – This refers to the fat that can accumulate below your arm and extends around your back. It can cause pain by pinching on and underneath your bra by creating visible bulges. It can result from weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal changes.
  • Chin Fat – Commonly known as a “double chin,” chin fat results from weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal change. It’s often stubborn and doesn’t go away with diet and exercise. Don’t hesitate to ask about our fat removal treatment.
  • Inner Thigh Fat – Often, inner thigh fat can affect our self-esteem and how our clothes fit and sometimes lead to rubbing, which can become painful.
  • Knee Fat – Knee fat refers to the fat on the inside of the knees or just above the knees. It can result from weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal changes.
  • Love Handles – These are flanks and refer to the fat that can accumulate on your sides below your waistline. Our most popular treatment for love handles is the CoolTech Define Fat Freezing.
  • Male Breasts – This term refers to the fatty tissue or breast tissue caused by weight gain, genetics, age, or hormonal changes. Marlow Face & Body has helped hundreds of men reshape and contour their chests to provide more definition and confidence.
  • Outer Thigh Fat – A more common term for this is “saddle bags.” This outer thigh fat can accumulate just below your hips underneath the buttocks.
  • Stomach Fat – Stomach fat refers to the subcutaneous fat, or soft fat above the muscle, found on the upper, lower, or upper and lower abdomen. It can be caused by weight gain, genetics, age, hormonal changes, and sometimes, be left after pregnancy.

Why We Use CoolTech Define Fat Freezing

Marlow Face & Body believe our clients deserve the latest and most remarkable cosmetic technologies. The CoolTech Define Fat Freezing is a unique 360-degree cooling technology that can cater to all body areas while providing exemplary permeant results. Thanks to the patented cool gel pad CoolTech Define uses, we can guarantee a safe and effective cosmetic treatment. Contact us to learn more about our CoolTech Define Fat Freezing treatments. We look forward to seeing you.

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