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iPIXEL™ Laser Treatment

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An iPixel facial would take around 20 minutes.

Most clients experience a warming sensation, but are generally comfortable. We offer topical anaesthetic cream if the client wishes to have their skin numb during the treatment.

Your face will be extremely red for the day, followed by up to a week of healing. You can wear makeup to help cover your skin during the healing period. Is it absolutely essential to wear a high sunscreen for at least two weks after the procedure, even if you’re indoors.

You should start to see the benefits from around 2 weeks. But your skin will continue to improve over the next 4-6 weeks.

This depends on the condition of your skin and your goals. Some people are happy with 1, where other may require a course of treatments.

Although there is downtime, this is a fairly low risk procedure. You could experience a burning sensation, swelling, stinging, itchiness and dryness after the procedure.



After looking for a beauty clinic for a while I can honestly say Elizabeth and her team are amazing. Extremely professional but very personable she gives honest advice and inspires confidence... I am now a regular customer.


A beautiful clinic, Elisabeth and her staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They have a wide range of treatments available and suggest the most suitable to meet your personal goals. The results are well worth it.


Great clinic - a hidden gem. Great surroundings, an attractive environment, free parking is useful and good customer service. Elizabeth is great - very professional.

Treatment price

Treatment price

Our prices range by time and chosen area.

Eyes (upper eye lids) - £250
Eyes (lower eye lids and Crow’s Feet) - £250
Eyes (upper & lower eyes lids & Crow’s Feet) - £400
Face - £600
Neck - £500
Face & Neck - £800
Décolletén - £750
Hands - £500
Abdomen - £1200
Knees - £1,200
Arms - £1,200
Small scar - £150
Other areas: prices upon request.

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