Like many women my age, after two children, I’ve seen the fat on my love handles and stomach creep up over time. I watch what I eat, but I have a busy work schedule and liposuction is not an option. I decided on a non-surgical option. I tried everything from cavitation to fat freezing to radiofrequency…you name it I’ve done it!! Because there are so many choices, you have to do your research.

I spent hundreds and had minimal results. But after a long journey, I discovered that there are machines out there that REALLY WORK!! The only way to be sure I could expect big results came down to choosing technology brands with CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS. After weeks of investigating, I decided on CoolTech for fat freezing (made in Spain, with proven results of up to 40% permanent fat reduction) and Alma Accent XL radio frequency for the skin tightening (FDA approved, proven results for wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction). Next, I needed to find the right clinic and I came across Marlow Face + Body. They have both machines in a private home which meant the prices were less than half of what I would have paid in other medi clinics. I made sure they have malpractice insurance and were Save Face accredited (an independent organization that visits clinics and assesses the environment, the technology, and the practitioners’ accreditations).

So I arranged a free consultation. When I arrived at the unsuspecting Marlow Bottom home, I was greeted by a warm and friendly Canadian, Elisabeth Bester. Elisabeth took me upstairs to her treatment room. It was like walking into some big chic modern spa with fluffy white towels and pillows, beautiful furniture, and a big TV on the wall. Completely unlike the cramped little clinic rooms, I’d been in before.

I told Elisabeth about my history of unsuccessful treatments and she talked me through what I could expect from CoolTech and Alma Accent XL. She showed me before and after images and some of them seemed too good to be true, but I felt very confident in Elisabeth and with all my research.

I completed two programs on both machines. The experience of the CoolTech Fat Freezing was very bearable. I almost fell asleep! I definitely had tender skin afterward but I was able to get on with my life. The four sessions of Alma Accent were actually a pleasant experience of a warming sensation.

I have finally reached a point where I am happy with my body. I lost 7 inches around my waist! My trousers are comfortable and my shape is much more feminine and contoured. The skin feels tight and smooth. I can’t wait to do my thighs next!