“As a teenager, I realised I was burdened with very hairy genes!  I started shaving my legs, underarms and bikini line at age 13.  I would shave in the morning, and by the afternoon I would end up with stubbly prickly legs.  When Summer came, my life was consumed with stubble management.  This meant I had to shave almost every day.
I was over the moon when I later discovered waxing.  Yahoo!!!  I would finally have smooth legs.  Well, at least for a week.  But then an even more visible problem appeared…ingrown hairs!  My legs looked like I’d been fired at by a bibi gun!!  Not to mention the scarring.
The embarrassment was consuming and I always tried to keep my legs hidden, or constantly moving so no one had a chance to get a good look.  And as a lot of women know, ingrown hairs are even worse around the bikini line. Mortifying.

The other problem with waxing was enduring the hair growing back until it was long enough to wax again.  Special events and holidays involved a lot of timing and planning.

My body hair battle lasted through my teens and into my twenties.  Then, the revolution of laser hair removal was introduced!!!  It sounded way too good to be true, but if it really meant solving all these issues, it was certainly worth a try.
I could not believe what happened. Two weeks after the appointment, the hair just started to fall out. For the first time since I was young, I had smooth hairless legs. It was the most incredible feeling!

Eventually, all the ingrown hairs started to fade and all the marks vanished.

Ultimately, getting laser hair removal ended the years of burden body hair management and I can’t imagine ever going back.  I’ve now been getting Soprano ICE Platinum on other areas of my body, and it feels amazing to no longer have to be embarrassed.”