Whether you’re currently living with acne or have experienced acne and ‘bad skin’ before, you’ve probably tried many different treatments with limited results. Treating a skin condition such as acne, unfortunately, takes some investment, both in time and money as it’s a longer term goal to help prevent it from reoccurring.

Acne is far more than simply a couple of spots, the skin becomes inflamed, very painful and can cause other health implications for someone living with acne. It can also occur on any part of the skin, making it a more complicated condition. Whilst treating acne is a personal journey, we’ve put together 4 of the best acne treatments suitable for anyone looking to manage their skin better.

Having a great regime

One of the most important treatments and one that has more results for people living with acne is establishing a good daily skin routine with products that don’t anger, dry or irritate the skin but help soothe it. Establishing a good routine doesn’t have to be costly either but it should be consistent with including the following skincare products as well as a clean flannel every day:

AM routine

Cleanse- Using a cleanser with salicylic or hyaluronic acid NOT anything stripping or exfoliating.

Tone– This can be a spray or toner applied with a muslin cloth but again it needs to contain calming ingredients

Active serum- Again, this is more optional but using something high in vitamin C or zinc will help reduce the bacteria that create spots. Use them before your moisturiser

Moisturise- This is an optional step as many people find using an oil-based serum is hydrating enough. Choose a lighter moisturiser that is easily absorbed and doesn’t create pilling (when your products don’t absorb on your skin)

SPF– Your skin needs protection from the UV rays and pollution all year round- not just in the summer. We’d always recommend using an SPF of at least 30 every day, over the top of your moisturiser

PM routine

Double cleanse- After your skin has been exposed to pollution all day as well as wearing SPF, you should use two cleansers in the evening. Try to use two different ‘types’ eg. an oil and water-based cleanser. Steer clear of anything drying or traditionally ‘foaming’ as these kinds of products aggravate skin- and avoid anything that claims it tackles acne! 

Tone– Again, you can use the same spray toner if you like, as long as it has hydrating qualities.

Retinoids– Using a retinoid at night is the best chance your skin has to ‘renew’ cells and help regenerate itself whilst removing the recurring spots. Good retinol has many more qualities but should be used under the advice of professionals such as our own consultants

Moisturising mask/ oil- If your skin dries quickly and needs something over the retinol, just before you go to sleep try using a thicker moisturizer or sleep oil that can help your skin absorb all the active ingredients overnight.

ClearSkin Treatment

Creating a great routine is important but sometimes investing in a powerful course of treatment such as ClearSkin helps get results quicker. One of the best treatments we offer at our clinic is the ClearSkin treatment; an FDA-approved laser treatment that helps stop acne from developing or spreading. ClearSkin uses a cooled Glass laser with a vacuum to directly treat all forms of acne. It works by destroying the bacteria and shutting down the sebaceous gland, as well as treating any acne scars that may have been caused.

Our team recommends a treatment course of at least 4 sessions, why not get in contact with us today to find out more.

Prescribed topical creams

If you’ve tried establishing a great routine with some of the products above or feel your skin needs something stronger than off the shelf products then it might be best to speak to your GP about trying prescribed or pharmaceutical strength topical creams. These are often either creams or gel with the main ingredients Benzoyl peroxide or Azelaic acid which are both great topical acne treatments.

Using these types of creams are a shorter-term solution as they dry out the skin and can bleach clothing and bedding. Whilst they have quicker results, they’re often best used with a combination of ongoing treatments and a great routine.

Alumier peel

Another great treatment option we can offer for people with acne is an Alumier Chemical peel. This isn’t as scary as it sounds- but simply put, it’s a resurfacing treatment using key ingredients lactic and salicylic acid. We offer three kinds of Alumier peel, depending on your skin type and which you feel would work best.

As this is a course of treatment, we’d recommend booking in around 6 sessions to really see the products take effect on the skin.

Our experienced team can offer a consultation before helping you choose the right treatment from our clinic as we will consider your individual situation and the kinds of treatment you’ve previously tried. Speak to our team today.