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I have always had a lot of hair on my back and shoulders, and waxing it is incredibly painful and I end up with ingrown hairs. I have had 3 treatments and can not believe the difference! I also barely even feel the laser. I can’t wait until the Summer when I can finally stop wearing a t-shirt.


I have had 4 sessions on my legs and already see a massive reduction. The small amount of hair that has grown back is so fine, it’s almost invisible.

Treatment price

Treatment price

Our prices range by time and chosen area.

Ears/nose/between eye brows/upper lip/areola - £60
Cheeks, chin & upper lip - £100
Full Face - £150
Neck - £100
Full Face and neck - £200
Full legs - £200
Thighs - £130
Bottom half of legs - £120
Half arm - £80
Full arms - £150
Under arms - £80
Chest and stomach - £150
Shoulders - £100
Half back - £100
Half back and shoulders - 150
Shoulders and full back - £200
Feet - £100
Hands - £100
Fingers or Toes - £80
Buttocks - £100
Bikini line - £90
Brazilian Bikini - £100
Hollywood Bikini - £130
Perineum - £80
Men’s genitalia - £150

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Price per treatment – course discounts not available.

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Using industry leading products and world class clinically proven technology in a private medical practice in central Marlow. Run by Canadian born Elisabeth Bester, Marlow Face + Body offers a comprehensive list of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a private luxurious treatment environment at highly competitive prices. All our practitioners are highly qualified.

We’ve created a private oasis for clients looking to have a discreet & personalised experience while getting the best results possible.

Why choose us
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