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I have always had a lot of hair on my back and shoulders, and waxing it is incredibly painful and I end up with ingrown hairs. I have had 3 treatments and can not believe the difference! I also barely even feel the laser. I can’t wait until the Summer when I can finally stop wearing a t-shirt.


I have had 4 sessions on my legs and already see a massive reduction. The small amount of hair that has grown back is so fine, it’s almost invisible.

Treatment price

Treatment price

Prices are per treatment A course of 6 is recommended

PACKAGE: Full legs, Brazilian Bikini & underarms - £280
PACKAGE: Full back, shoulders, chest & stomach - £300
PACKAGE: Underarms & bikini - £130
PACKAGE: Lower legs & underarms - £150
PACKAGE: Full body - from £850*
Hollywood Bikini - £130
Thighs - £150
Lower legs (includes knees) - £120
Full legs - £200
Bikini line (up to underwear line) - £90
Brazilian Bikini - £100
Ears/nose/between eye brows/upper lip/areola - £60
Cheeks, chin & upper lip - £100
Full Face - £150
Neck - £100
Full Face and neck - £200
Half arm - £80
Full arms - £150
Under arms - £80
Chest and stomach - £150
Shoulders - £100
Half back - £100
Half back and shoulders - 150
Shoulders and full back - £200
Feet - £100
Hands - £100
Fingers or Toes - £80
Buttocks - £100
Perineum - £80
Men’s genitalia - £150

Want to learn how we can help you spread your cost? Learn more about our finance options click here.

Please shave within 24 hours before your appointment.  If the area is not properly shaved, there will be an additional fee of £20 to shave the area.

Price per treatment – course discounts not available.

  • Full body price requires a consultation.  Quote will be based on your size.

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Using industry leading products and world class clinically proven technology in a private medical practice in central Marlow. Run by Canadian born Elisabeth Bester, Marlow Face + Body offers a comprehensive list of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a private luxurious treatment environment at highly competitive prices. All our practitioners are highly qualified.

We’ve created a private oasis for clients looking to have a discreet & personalised experience while getting the best results possible.

Why choose us
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