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Still have some questions about your condition and the best treatment option for your individual needs?

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The recommendation for most people is a course of 6-8. This depends on age, weight, severity of your condition and what kind of results you are trying to achieve.

The course program recommendation is 6-8 treatments and you need to have them every 1-2 weeks.

The results should last up to 2 years if you have maintenance treatments every 6 weeks after the course of treatments.

You need to maintain a healthy diet and regular physical activity. The most important thing is that you drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses a day) in order to flush out your lymphatic system.

This depends on how large the area is, if you are treating multiple areas and if you are having just ultrasound or radio frequency or both. For example: for radio frequency and ultrasound on the lower abdomen of a woman who weighs 9 stone and is 5’6, the appointment will take a little under an hour.



I’m a healthy weight, but all the women in my family have cellulite on the backs of our legs. I had a course of Alma Accent Prime and they are much better. The treatment was actually really enjoyable. It felt like a hot stone massage. I can definitely recommend this treatment.


I had have loose skin on my stomach after having children. I had Alma Accent Prime radio frequency and the results are fantastic. It’s worth keeping up with the maintenance sessions.

Treatment price

Treatment price

Our prices range by time and chosen area.

Facial £175
Neck and Jowls £175
Face, neck and Jowls £250
Body, Small Area - £150 (Radio Frequency or Ultrasound)
Body, Medium Area - £200 (Radio Frequency or Ultrasound)
Body, Large Area - £250 (Radio Frequency or Ultrasound)
Body, Small Area - £200 (Radio Frequency and Ultrasound)
Body, Medium Area - £250 (Radio Frequency and Ultrasound)
Body, Large Area - £300 (Radio Frequency and Ultrasound)

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6-8 Treatments Recommended. Course discounts available.

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