It’s been almost five years since Marlow Face and Body opened and we’re excited to announce our expansion into a bigger clinic on Spittal Street in central Marlow. Our new stunning and modern clinic is on the first floor of Angler’s Court. With a discreet entrance, we continue to offer our clients privacy, parking, and a relaxing environment.

To celebrate, we are offering an introductory price on CoolTech Fat Freezing. If you haven’t yet considered fat-freezing as a body shaping option, you may want to before summer is upon us. CoolTech is safe, permanent, highly effective and visible sometimes in weeks. It has proven through clinical studies to have the exact same results as Coolsculpting, and yet is less than half the price.

We hear clients telling us “I’m fed up with wearing baggy shirts to cover my stomach”, “I want to wear skinny jeans and feel happy and proud”, or “I look through magazines and feel discouraged by my own body”.

We all criticise ourselves for our body flaws. Diet and exercise are the answers of course. But sometimes we still struggle to shift stubborn areas. We’ve helped over a thousand clients achieve their goals with CoolTech.

CoolTech allows you to choose the precise area on your body where you want to reduce fat, permanently. It works in 1-3 sessions, there is no downtime and the effects take 1-3 months to appear. You can target one or many areas in one session. You can sculpt your stomach, love handles, arms, thighs, back, bra line and even under the chin.

And even more importantly, is experience and expertise. For five years, Elisabeth Bester has specialised in CoolTech, has a keen eye for body contouring and understands how to achieve the best results and the best shapes.

Contact us for your free consultation and learn about how you can begin enjoying your ideal body by Summer.

01628 302028

Angler’s Court
33-44 Spittal Street,
First Floor

Parking accessed on Liston Road