Fat Freezing has become so popular, that you can find it in nail salons for £75, or at high-end clinics for £1,000, and they all promise the same benefits: “Freeze & destroy fat permanently”.

Fat Freezing is a non-invasive, safe, and effective method to reduce stubborn areas of fat, as long you go to a reputable clinic with clinically proven technology. Cheaper options often lead to wasting time, money or ending up with serious injuries.

How to spot low-end fat freezing machines:

Anyone can buy cheap fat freezing machines off the internet, but you’ll probably need 4-5 treatments to see any results at all. These types of machines have no clinical tests, are usually made in China, and don’t meet European health & safety standards. Ask the clinic what brand of machine they use, and do your research.

Another machine know to be less effective is the “All-in-one” with Fat Freezing, Radio Frequency, and Cavitation. All 3 treatments require different mechanisms and are ultimately different types of technology so each one is compromised and you aren’t likely to get the results you’re hoping for if any.

Choosing safe and effective Fat Freezing:

Make sure the brand of technology has clinically proven results. Clinical studies prove its safety, efficacy, and results.

One leading clinically proven brand is CoolTech® with *proven results of up to 40% fat reduction.

Choosing a safe fat freezing clinic:

Use Save Face – a government-accredited organization that assesses the environment, technology, and practitioners. Go to www.saveface.co.uk to find an accredited local clinic such as Marlow Face and Beauty.

Fat Freezing is safe, effective and a wonderful replacement for cosmetic surgery. Just look for: clinically proven machines + accredited clinics = getting the results you want.

*Data is based on clinical studies but results may vary from person to person.