There has been so much hype in the media about Fat Freezing and personal accounts of people describing their own experience of how it worked, if it worked and how happy they are with their results.

Fat Freezing (also know as Cryolipolysis) is a proven science. It was discovered at Harvard University by a group of scientists who wanted to understand why children were developing dimples after constantly eating ice lollies. They discovered that fat cells were dying (scientifically known as Apoptosis: natural gradual cell death) after direct exposure to freezing temperatures for a certain length of time.

The concept was harnessed into an FDA-approved treatment called Coolsculpting® by an American company called Zeltiq. A few years later, Cocoon Medical (a Spanish company that is a leader in surgical & non-surgical aesthetic technology) released CoolTech® with clinically proven results of *25%-40% fat reduction with each treatment. The difference with CoolTech® compared to Coolsculpting® is that CoolTech® has 2 handpieces so you can treat 2 areas at a time and is usually 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of Coolsculpting®.

As a consumer, it’s tempting to go for cheaper alternatives (Lipoglaze, 3D Lipo, etc.) but please do your research. Unless the actual brand of technology has clinically proven results, there is no guarantee you will see any results or if the machine has been through any type of health & safety compliance. Scarily, anyone can buy one of these cheaper machines off the internet and start carrying treatments with no training & no malpractice insurance.

Fat Freezing does work and is an amazing fat reduction alternative to surgery. Just make sure you find a clinic like Marlow Face + Body that uses a clinically proven brand of technology like CoolTech®.