In recent years, the demand for fat freezing has significantly shot up with more people than ever trying the innovative new way to shape up and lose fat. Starting life as an experiment at Harvard University, fat freezing was quickly harnessed into an FDA-approved treatment, Coolsculpting® before leading Spanish company Cocoon Medical released CoolTech® with clinically proven results of *25%-40% fat reduction with each treatment

With more people than ever sharing their own experiences with fat freezing and whether it worked for them, we explore if fat freezing does work and how, as well as where it was discovered first.

How does fat freezing work?

Fat Freezing, known as Cryolipolysis, is a fat reduction procedure that was originally discovered at Harvard University by scientists exploring why children developed dimples when eating ice lollies. They discovered that fat cells were dying as a result of a process known as Apoptosis, or natural gradual cell death. It was happening as a result of the cells being exposed to freezing temperatures for a certain length of time.

Whilst both fat freezing procedures use the same technology, the main difference between CoolTech® compared to Coolsculpting® is that CoolTech® has 2 handpieces, meaning you can treat 2 areas at one time. There’s also usually a price difference of between 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of Coolsculpting®.

3D Lipo vs Lipoglaze

As a consumer, it’s tempting to go for cheaper fat-freezing alternatives like Lipoglaze or 3D Lipo, but your research first. Unless the brand of technology has clinically proven results, there is no guarantee you’ll see any results or if the machine has been through any type of health & safety compliance. Scarily, anyone can buy one of these cheaper machines off the internet and start carrying treatments with no training or malpractice insurance. 

Fat Freezing is a great treatment with proven results and is an amazing fat reduction alternative to surgery. Why not speak to one of our consultants today about using our CoolTech® treatment and experience fat freezing