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Stomach fat

What is stomach fat?

Stomach refers to subcutaneous fat (soft fat above the muscle) and can be either on your upper, lower or both upper and lower abdomen. Stubborn belly fat can affect our self-esteem, the way our clothes fit and sometimes seem disproportionate from the rest of our body.

What causes stomach fat?

Stomach fat can be the result of either weight gain, genetics, age, hormonal changes or sometimes be left after pregnancy. Stomach fat can be stubborn and doesn’t always reduce through diet and exercise alone.  The shape and size of our stomach is not always something we can change. It can become frustrating if we eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly and we still can’t shift the extra fat.

Our treatment solutions for reducing stomach fat:

Our most popular treatment for stomach fat is CoolTech and CoolTech Define fat freezing. Cooltech fat freezing destroys and eliminates the fat cells from your body which leaves you with a flater stomach. The process is non-invasive and requires no downtime. During the 70 minute treatment, the fat cells are frozen and destroyed, and then metabolised gradually through your lymphatic system over the course of a 12 week period leaving you with a thinner flatter stomach. Over the years, we have helped people completely reshape, contour and slim down their stomachs. For some people, excess fat on the abdomen can sometimes be almost impossible through diet and exercise alone.  CoolTech and CoolTech Define are a clinically proven, safe and effective way to help you slim down your waistline, achieve a flatter stomach and ultimately feel better about yourself.

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