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Body contouring is a term we see all over the place these days, but what does it actually mean?

Body contouring is term used to describe creating desirable shapes on the body. You can do this by having a fat reduction treatment like CoolTech Fat Freezing or Alma Accent Prime to reduce stubborn fat on your hips or love handles to create a smoother more feminine contour.

Let’s use “Thighs” as an example. I had client who was an avid gym goer, had a healthy diet but just couldn’t shift an extra fatty layer on her thighs. She was determined to expose the contours of her muscles, see a gap between her inner thighs from the top all the way down to her knees, she wanted a discernible dip and contour between her bum and the top of her hamstring and overall to just have thinner leaner thighs.

During her consultation, I could feel soft fat on various areas including inner thighs, backs of thighs, front top of thighs and inside the knees. We decided to begin a program treating all various areas and created new contours all over her thighs. She knew the contouring she wanted and we gradually carried CoolTech fat freezing as well as Alma Accent Prime ultrasound over a few months and managed to completely contour new shapes to her thighs leaving her with thinner sculpted lean thighs. Hence…..Body Contouring.

Fat Freezing (also known as Cryolipolysis) is the process of controlled cooling of subcutaneous fat. This results in destroying the fat cells which are subsequently metobolised through your lymphatic system.

Let’s break that down a little further:

First you are assessed by an accredited and properly trained practitioner. They will let you know if you’re a good candidate for fat freezing. Is the fat soft or hard? Soft fat is known as subcutaneous and it the ideal type of fat for fat freezing. Hard fat is most likely Visceral fat (underneath the muscle) and is not suitable for fat freezing.

Is your BMI within a healthy range? And lastly, the practitioner will make you sure you don’t have any contraindications.

Next, the practitioner will take photos to document your “before” body.

Next, a gel pad which is coated in an antifreeze gel, will be placed over the area to protect your skin. The the machine handpiece is placed on your body and will gently suction your fat in to the cavity of the handpiece. The cooling will begin and last between 60-70 minutes, but no less than 60 minutes.

Once the handpiece is removed, the fat is often quite solid and the practitioner will massage it until it’s soft again.

Over the next 2 days the fat cells *will go through a process called Apoptosis (natural gradual cell death) and your lymphatic system will identify them as toxin and begin to metabolise them at around *2 weeks. Your body will continue expelling the dead cells for *up to 6 months, with the peak of your results showing *between week 8-12.

If your practitioner recommended more than one fat freezing treatment during your assessment, you will return for your second treatment at around 6 weeks after your first fat freezing treatment.

Around 8-12 weeks after your last treatment, you will return to have your “After” images taken to see your results.

*Results may vary from person to person.

There has been so much hype in the media about Fat Freezing and personal accounts of people describing their own experience of how it worked, if it worked and how happy they are with their results.

Fat Freezing (also know as Cryolipolysis) is a proven science. It was discovered at Harvard University by a group of scientists who wanted to understand why children were developing dimples after constantly eating ice lollies. They discovered that fat cells were dying (scientifically known as Apoptosis: natural gradual cell death) after direct exposure to freezing temperatures for a certain length of time.

The concept was harnessed in to an FDA approved treatment called Coolsculpting® by an American company called Zeltiq. A few years later, Cocoon Medical (a Spanish company who are leaders in surgical & non-surgical aesthetic technology) released CoolTech® with clinically proven results of *25%-40% fat reduction with each treatment. The difference with CoolTech® compared to Coolsculpting®, is that CoolTech® has 2 handpieces so you can treat 2 areas at a time and is usually 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of Coolsculpting®.

As a consumer, it’s tempting to go for cheaper alternatives (Lipoglaze, 3D Lipo, etc.) but please do your research. Unless the actual brand of technology has clinically proven results, there is no guarantee you will see any results or if the machine has been through any type of health & safety compliance. Scarily, anyone can buy one of these cheaper machines off the internet and start carrying treatments with no training & no malpractice insurance.

Fat Freezing does work, and is an amazing fat reduction alternative to surgery. Just make sure you find a clinic like Marlow Face + Body that uses a clinically proven brand of technology like CoolTech®.

Marlow Face & Body has officially launched Sinesculpt: a clinically proven natural weight loss supplement.

After 2 clinical studies, *the average weight loss is 5.6kg and 22% of your body fat in 90 days.

Sinesculpt contains a combination of citrus extracts to create a synergy of bioactive polyphenols which cause Lipolysis – breakdown of Adipocytes (fat cells) and other lipids by hydrolysis to release Free Fatty Acids & Glycerol.

Essentially draining the fatty acids from the fat cells and thereby reducing the overall size and measurements. It also contains a natural caffeine from Guarana which helps speed up the metabolism and expel the FFA’s (Free Fatty Acids).

Sinesculpt was founded by the team at Marlow Face & Body and Dr. Mariette Grant with a Masters in Obesity Management. As a private medi-spa, they were looking to incorporate a supplement which would help enhance the results of their body contouring & fat reduction treatments. Sinesculpt has proven to be an effective addition to their body contouring programs as well as an independent weight loss solution.

*Data listed is based on clinical studies but results may vary from person to person.

These days, it seems everyone is at it: a little baby Botox here; a sprinkling of filler there. And with celebrities finally coming clean about having these “minor procedures”, they have become both acceptable and “normal”. So much so that it is now a billion-pound industry, with non-surgical options like dermal fillers, Botox and laser hair removal accounting for nine out of ten cosmetic procedures in the UK. Yet while cosmetic surgery is regulated in this country, certain non-surgical procedures are not subject to any controls.

At present, the filler is not licensed, which means anyone can administer it. In other words, a beauty therapist, hairdresser or other laypeople – perhaps with minimal training– can buy the stuff on the Internet and set up a “clinic” at home. Botox is medically regulated but still, people manage to get it illegally and inject it.

The Government is reluctant to step in to control what has become a booming industry, so if you are contemplating having one of these treatments it is vital to know who you can turn to for advice on how to do so safely. After all, we have all probably seen or read of horror stories.

In 2013 the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, chaired by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, called for better regulation of the industry – including surgical and non-surgical procedures – better training and proper redress if things go wrong. It also recommended the establishment of an independent body to assess and register fully trained medical aesthetic practitioners, but the Government has yet to put this in place. That is why the industry has stepped in, setting up Save Face, a voluntary regulatory body of accredited doctors, nurses and dentists who fulfil strict criteria. Safe, impartial and accessible, Save Face covers Botox and fillers, lasers, radiofrequency and IPL, sclerotherapy, chemical peels and cryolipolysis (using extremely low temperatures to destroy fat cells). It has the backing of Dr Christian, who’s keen to help raise awareness of the register and encourage more aesthetic medical experts to join. register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. It’s recognised by the Government, the Department of Health and NHS England.

Marlow Face and Body is an accredited Save Face practitioner.

It’s been almost five years since Marlow Face and Body opened and we’re excited to announce our expansion in to a bigger clinic on Spittal Street in central Marlow. Our new stunning and modern clinic is on the first floor of Angler’s Court. With a discreet entrance, we continue to offer our clients privacy, parking and a relaxing environment.

To celebrate, we are offering an introductory price on CoolTech Fat Freezing. If you haven’t yet considered fat-freezing as a body shaping option, you may want to before summer is upon us. CoolTech is safe, permanent, highly effective and visible sometimes in weeks. It has proven through clinical studies to have the exact same results as Coolsculpting, and yet is less than half the price.

We hear clients telling us “I’m fed up with wearing baggy shirts to cover my stomach”, “I want to wear skinny jeans and feel happy and proud”, or “I look through magazines and feel discouraged by my own body”.

We all criticise ourselves for our body flaws. Diet and exercise are the answers of course. But sometimes we still struggle to shift stubborn areas. We’ve helped over a thousand clients achieve their goals with CoolTech.

CoolTech allows you to choose the precise area on your body where you want to reduce fat, permanently. It works in 1-3 sessions, there is no downtime and the effects take 1-3 months to appear. You can target one or many areas in one session. You can sculpt your stomach, love handles, arms, thighs, back, bra line and even under the chin.

And even more importantly, is experience and expertise. For five years, Elisabeth Bester has specialised in CoolTech, has a keen eye for body contouring and understands how to achieve the best results and the best shapes.

Contact us for your free consultation and learn about how you can begin enjoying your ideal body by Summer.

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